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Focus areas and Programme components of Lesedi’s IECP

Focus areas and Programme components of Lesedi’s IECP

Lesedi’s IECP focuses on:

  • The quality of ECD provision for young children through community ECD Centres (ECD Practitioner Training Programme component) which includes accredited Level 4 training, as well as non-accredited,  hands-on, practical ECD Enrichment Programme;
  • The quality of childhood for young children and their well-being in the family, at home,  and in the broader community (Community Development & Family Support Programme component) which includes the accredited Level 4 Community Development training and non-accredited Strengthening & Capacity Building of ECD Outreach Practitioners, who work through their community ECD Centres with the community in the vicinity of the ECD Centre, on a variety of interventions based on the needs of children and families  structured playgroups for children outside of ECD.
  • Direct support for young children who, because of their difficult life circumstances, have no access to ECD provision.   This is through regular weekly structured playgroup sessions on Lesedi’s 2 Come-and-Play Buses and Mobile ECD Unit.  Parents / caregivers are also reached through regular support, information and awareness sessions.

The above 3 components of the IECP jointly  broaden and strengthen the care environment for young children within the ECD Centre environment as well as in the broader community.  Through Lesedi’s IECP, trained ECD Practitioners, ECD Outreach Practitioners and Playgroup Facilitators work with key community stakeholders towards a sustainable, community-owned and managed ECD outreach, and a “gentle, just and stimulating childhood for all children.”   (Lesedi’s Vision)

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